Benoni Defense Pawn Storm Variation

How to Play the Benoni Defense Stormy Petrel Variation

  • 1. d4 Nf6: White advances their queen’s pawn, controlling the center, and preparing to develop their knight. Black responds by developing the king’s knight, pressuring White’s queen’s pawn, and controlling the center.
  • 2. c4 c5: White extends their control in the center with the bishop’s pawn, challenging Black to do the same. Black responds by advancing their queen’s bishop’s pawn, challenging White’s central pawn structure.
  • 3. d5 e6: White advances their queen’s pawn, closing the center, and aiming to gain space. Black responds by attempting to break the center and free their position.
  • 4. Nc3 exd5: White develops their bishop’s knight, supporting their central pawn, and preparing to recapture. Black captures the pawn on d5, trying to resolve the tension in the center.
  • 5. cxd5 d6: White recaptures on d5, maintaining their spatial advantage in the center. Black advances their queen’s pawn, aiming to activate their pieces and counter White’s central control.
  • 6. e4 g6: White further strengthens their center, preparing the development of their king’s bishop. Black prepares to fianchetto their king’s bishop, aiming to control central squares from a distance.
  • 7. f4: White advances their king’s pawn, consolidating their center, and preparing a possible attack on the kingside.

Variants of the Benoni Defense Stormy Petrel Variation

Variant with Black’s fianchetto