Benoni Defense Uhlmann Variation

How to Play the Benoni Defense, Uhlmann Variation

  • 1. d4 Nf6: White starts by controlling the center and preparing the development of their pieces, while Black responds by developing the knight to a square that pressures the d4 pawn and prepares for a possible d5 move.
  • 2. c4 e6: White continues central control and prepares space for the bishop’s development. Black responds with e6, aiming for a flexible game and the possibility of breaking in the center with d5.
  • 3. Nf3 c5: Developing the knight to f3 protects the d4 pawn and prepares kingside castling for White. Black counters in the center with c5, challenging White’s pawn structure and aiming to activate the dark-squared bishop.
  • 4. d5: White advances the central pawn, seeking space and limiting Black’s options to free their position with a potential …e6-e5 move.
  • 5. exd5 cxd5: Black chooses to capture on d5, opening lines and aiming to activate their pieces quickly.
  • 6. Nc3 d6: White develops another knight, targeting the center and preparing support for the d5 pawn. Black responds by fortifying their center and preparing to fianchetto the bishop on g7.
  • 7. Bg5 g6: White develops the bishop to g5, pressuring the knight on f6 and preparing the ground for potential tactical ideas against the Black king. Black continues with their fianchetto plan, aiming for active play with the bishop and control over central light squares.