Benoni Defense Sidewall Variation

How to Play the Benoni Defense Fianchetto Variation

  • 1. d4 Nf6: White opens with the queen’s pawn, a central move that controls the e5 and c5 squares. Black responds by developing the knight to f6, putting pressure on the d4 pawn and preparing for a counterattacking game.
  • 2. c4 e6: White plays c4, targeting the center and possibly preparing to establish a strong pawn center with d5. Black responds with e6, allowing the bishop on f8 to develop and supporting the advance of d5.
  • 3. Nf3 c5: White develops the knight to f3, protecting the pawn on d4 and exerting more control in the center. Black counterattacks in the center with c5, challenging White’s pawn chain and aiming to activate their dark-squared bishop.
  • 4. d5 exd5: White advances their pawn to d5, gaining space in the center and closing the diagonal for the black bishop on c8. Black captures the pawn on d5 with their e6 pawn, aiming to open lines and relieve pressure in the center.
  • 5. cxd5 d6: White recaptures the pawn on d5 with their c4 pawn, maintaining a strong center and opening the diagonal for their light-squared bishop. Black plays d6, supporting their c5 pawn and preparing to develop the dark-squared bishop.
  • 6. Nc3 g6: White develops another knight to c3, reinforcing the center and preparing for possible advances. Black responds with g6, planning to fianchetto their dark-squared bishop and control central squares from a long diagonal.
  • 7. g3: White prepares the fianchetto of their dark-squared bishop by playing g3, which also contributes to controlling central squares and sets up kingside castling.