Benoni Defense Old Benoni

How to Play the Old Benoni Defense Opening

  • 1. d4: White opens the game with the queen’s pawn, controlling the center and preparing to develop their dark-squared bishop.
  • 1… c5: Black responds by immediately attacking the center, challenging the white queen’s pawn with the intention of unbalancing the central structure and seeking active play from the start.

Variations of the Old Benoni Defense Opening

1. d4 c5 2. d5

One of the most popular white responses. Advancing the d-pawn to d5, white aims to gain space in the center and limit black’s options for developing their pieces effectively.

1. d4 c5 2. c3

With this move, white reinforces their center, preparing for a possible e4 advance, establishing a solid pawn center, and restricting black’s options for counterplay.

1. d4 c5 2. Nf3

Developing the knight to f3, white aims to strengthen their control of the center and prepare the development of their other pieces, maintaining a flexible pawn structure.

The Old Benoni Defense Opening

The Old Benoni Defense Opening, originating after the moves 1. d4 c5, is an intriguing choice for chess players seeking dynamism and asymmetry in the game. This opening immediately sets up a direct confrontation in the center, with black challenging white’s control from the outset. The central idea for black is to apply pressure in the center and disrupt the traditional pawn structure of white, while for white, the focus is on maintaining spatial advantage and limiting the activity of black’s pieces.