Benoni Defense Weenink Variation

How to Play the Benoni Defense Weenink Variation

  • 1. d4 Nf6: White opens with the king’s pawn advancing two squares, aiming to control the center and prepare the development of their minor pieces. Black responds by moving the knight to f6 to exert pressure on the center and prepare for a counterattack.
  • 2. c4 c5: With c4, White looks to expand their control in the center and prepare for castling. Black counters with c5, challenging the pawn on d4 and seeking to free up space for their pieces.
  • 3. dxc5 e6: White captures the pawn on c5, aiming to gain material and force Black to recapture, which could divert one of their pieces from a more active position. Black responds with e6, preparing the development of the bishop and aiming to regain the lost pawn on c5.

Variations in the Benoni Defense Weenink Variation

Immediate Pawn Recapture

One possible variation after 3. dxc5 is for Black to choose to recapture the pawn immediately with 3…Na6, planning 4…Nxc5. This allows Black to regain material while developing a piece.

Bishop Development Before Pawn Recapture

Another variation is 3…b6, with the idea of recapturing the pawn on c5 with the bishop instead of the knight. This can lead to a faster development of Black’s pieces and maintain a more flexible pawn structure.

Opening in the Benoni Defense: Weenink Variation