Bird Opening Square Gambit

How to Play the Bird Opening: Platz Gambit

  • 1. f4: This initial move by White aims to control the center of the board from a flank, preparing the way for more aggressive piece development, particularly the king’s bishop and the queen.
  • e5: Black responds with a central advance, challenging White’s control and offering a symmetric game. This move opens lines for Black’s minor piece development, particularly the queen’s bishop and the queen.
  • 2. fxe5: White captures the pawn on e5, accepting the gambit. This exchange helps White gain a pawn and open a line for their king’s bishop and rook on f1.
  • Ne7: Black develops the knight to e7, a less common move aiming to regain the lost pawn on e5 in the near future and contribute to center control. It also prepares the possibility of c8-g4 for the queen’s bishop.

Variants of the Bird Opening: Platz Gambit


A popular variant that prepares the move …e5, challenging the f4 pawn without immediately committing a central pawn. This line seeks a solid pawn structure and harmonious piece development.


After 1. f4 e5 2. fxe5, Black can choose to play …d6, aiming to destabilize the e5 pawn without compromising knight development. This line can lead to dynamic pawn structures and a game rich in tactics.

The Gambit Platz in the Bird Opening