Caro-Kann –


We analyze openings as well significantly. Way too a lot.

So why did we make an opening program? Enable me describe our reasoning.

We surveyed hundreds of chess players. All those who improved the most examined openings employing just 5% of their overall chess time. We manufactured this repertoire to get you to 5%.

This repertoire is a full defense towards 1.e4. In just 90 traces.

There is no motive to shell out several hours and several hours memorizing opening lines you will in no way see. We have all been there. Studying line 400 of a 1000+ line opening repertoire and pondering if we’ll at any time use it. Asking yourself if our time isn’t spent better somewhere else.

90 Lines

We condensed almost everything you will see into just 90 lines. The Caro-Kann usually takes time to learn, but you can review it in under an hour.

Just 90 lines? Won’t you miss out on critical traps, novelties and gotchyas? Of course and no.

We’re heading to be recommending offbeat strains. We often recommend unusual seeking moves that are 4th or 5th most well-known. We will get white out of e-book just before we are.


Given that we have less strains, we target seriously on ensuing ideas.

Soon after each and each individual line we leave you with a approach. You will never ever be left in the dim. You will know the greatest spots to place your items and how to navigate the middlegame.

Our tips are very regular and you will see a lot of typical strategies, thoughts, and motifs. If you ignore a repertoire transfer in your games– never fear. It will be straightforward to get well. You will know the thoughts powering the placement.

The very best section? The Caro-Kann scores far better than any other defense from 1.e4 at the club amount. We’ll present you accurately why.

What do you get?

You will get a .pgn file with the full repertoire. It has 14,000 terms of instruction. You will also get about 8 hrs of video. Delivered promptly to your inbox.

You will get life span access to our premium discord. If you have any issues, a line does not make sense, or you just want to hang out- join 100+ other chess improvers in our discord. You are going to get clarity in minutes.


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