Alekhine Defense Scandinavian Variation Geschev Gambit

How to Play the Alekhine Defense Scandinavian Variation Gambit Geschev

The Alekhine Defense Scandinavian Variation Gambit Geschev is an opening in the game of chess that begins with the following moves:

  • 1. e4 Nf6: White opens with the king’s pawn, seeking to control the center and prepare the development of their pieces. Black responds with the knight to f6, attacking the e4 pawn and preparing the way for the Alekhine Defense.
  • 2. Nc3 d5: White develops their knight to c3, defending the e4 pawn and exerting more control over the center. Black challenges the center with d5, aiming to open lines for their pieces and challenge the white pawn on e4.
  • 3. exd5 c6: White captures the pawn on d5, leading to an altered pawn structure. Black responds with c6, looking to regain the lost pawn on d5.

Variants of the Alekhine Defense Scandinavian Variation Gambit Geschev

Variation 1: 3…Nxd5

A common alternative for Black is 3…Nxd5, where Black recaptures the pawn with the knight, maintaining a solid pawn structure and preparing the development of their other pieces.

Variation 2: 3…e6

Another option for Black is 3…e6, which prepares the recapture of the pawn on d5 with the queen or bishop, while also freeing the square for the development of the dark-squared bishop.