English Opening Myers Defense

How to Play the English Opening: Myers Defense

The English Opening: Myers Defense is an unusual and unorthodox chess opening that begins with the following moves:

  • 1. c4: This initial move by White controls the center from the flank, preparing for the development of minor pieces and seeking flexibility in pawn structure.
  • g5: Black responds with an aggressive and unconventional move, advancing the pawn from g7 to g5. This move aims to gain space on the kingside and potentially prepare an attack but also weakens the defense of the black king.

Variants of the English Opening: Myers Defense

There are several variants that can arise from the initial moves of this opening:

Variant 1: Development of Minor Pieces

After 1. c4 g5, White can choose to continue with the normal development of their pieces, such as 2. Nc3, aiming to control the center and develop their pieces harmoniously.

Variant 2: Advance of the Queen’s Pawn

Another possibility for White is to advance their queen’s pawn with 2. d4, aiming to open lines and take advantage of Black’s unusual opening to gain an edge in the center.

Variant 3: King’s Side Attack

White can also consider a quick kingside attack with moves like 2. h4, trying to exploit the weakness created by the early g5 pawn advance.

English Opening: Myers Defense (1. c4 g5)

The Myers Defense is an unusual and aggressive response to the English Opening. Here, we will delve into strategies and tactics for both sides after the initial moves 1. c4 g5.

Strategies and Tactics for White:

Control of the center and harmonious development: White should focus on controlling the center and developing their pieces effectively. Moves like 2. d4, 2. Nc3, or 2. d3 are strong options.

  • 2. d4: Advances central control and prepares the development of the light-squared bishop.
  • 2. Nc3: Develops a piece towards the center and keeps flexible options for central pawn advances.
  • 2. d3: A more conservative move that supports the e4 advance, preparing a strong pawn center.

Exploiting the weakness on the black king’s flank: The premature g5 move by Black weakens their kingside pawn structure, which can be exploited with tactical maneuvers or by preparing a kingside attack.

Strategies and Tactics for Black:

Capitalizing on the element of surprise: The initial move g5 is unorthodox and can take White out of their theoretical preparation, leading the game into unfamiliar territory.

Pressure on the queen’s side: Despite its aggressive nature, Black can look to apply pressure on the queen’s side with moves like …Bg7 and …c5, challenging White’s control of the center.

Development with caution: Black should be cautious in their development, especially around the king, due to the weakness created by the early g-pawn advance.


In the Myers Defense of the English Opening, White should focus on controlling the center and developing a kingside attack, while Black should use the element of surprise and seek tactical opportunities on the queen’s side. Both sides should be aware of tactical complexities and potential transitions into a sharp middlegame.