Why You Need the Caro-Kann

Just 5% of all online games that start out with 1.e4 are satisfied with 1…c6 at the club amount. In accordance to the lichess database for all classical game titles in the ranking array of 1600-2200, black scores far better than white right after the go 1…c6. Black wins 49% of video games, white wins 45% of video games with 6% attracts.

The Caro-Kann scores better than each other defense versus 1.e4 at this talent level.

The trouble with the Caro-Kann, I believe that, is generally promoting. The Sicilian protection captured the world’s coronary heart with dynamic, sacrificial engage in. Some of the world’s biggest gamers have championed this defense. The Caro-Kann, on the other hand, is regarded for dry, draw-ish enjoy.

Nothing can be additional from the reality. Our Caro-Kann opening study course will clearly show you how to enjoy dynamic chess and regularly put your opponent to the test.

If you are not but persuaded, there is lots a lot more to adore about the Caro-Kann.

Quick to find out

There are extremely few items white can toss at you in the Caro-Kann. In just about every single variation of the 1st several moves black can get a incredibly consistent setup with consistent extensive-term programs.

For example, in the sophisticated mainline of the Caro-Kann, we will pretty much usually be ready to attack the backward pawn on d4.

caro-kann advanced mainline

Our opening system will present you just how to saddle white with a backward d-pawn in most lines. This is a extensive-phrase weakness that we can target the total game about quite normally in the superior mainline.

In opposition to the Panov Assault, we can also go right after the weak d-pawn in approximately all traces.

panov attack

Pretty Dynamic

Our Caro-Kann repertoire focuses on holding the initiative. For instance, we recommend an instant c5 from the highly developed variation. 3…c5 scores an wonderful 52% wins for black, 42% wins for white at the club degree. On move 3 we are finding a significant functional edge.

advanced 3 c5

This go will right away set the concern to your opponent. We go more than a lot of concrete follow-ups to keep the pressure on through the entire sport just after this early shift.

Catch Your Opponent Off Guard

Our repertoire usually endorses the 2nd, 3rd, or even fourth most typical go. This will help preserve the game in our territory. We can now study the resulting positions and have a further knowledge of the imbalances.

If white decides to engage in the Accelerated Panov, we suggest an early a6.

accelerated panov

This will allow us to:
1) Recapture the pawn with a small piece so we do not give up a tempo on the queen
2) Produce our pieces promptly and get active
3) Give white an isolated d-pawn, a extensive expression weakness
4) Get white out of e book and get an edge on the clock

1 of my other preferred traces in the repertoire is the Tartakower variation.


In this line, we make it possible for white to double our f-pawns. We get to use the doubled f-pawns as an gain. Our kingside pawns will avert a white kingside pawn storm and permit us all the pawn play on the kingside.


The Caro-Kann has a dry standing. We are quite centered on developing formidable positions that enable you to perform for the get. If white refuses the trade in the Tartakower higher than, for instance, we can instantly enjoy h5 with a pretty bold assault.

tartakower h5

We also spice it up towards the King’s Indian Assault. To retain white out of their convenience zone, we generally perform an fast f5.

Kings Indian attack f5

Below we strategy to castle kingside and participate in fxe4 to open up up the file for our rook. We also get to build our knight guiding the f-pawn, retaining our pieces active and fatal.

Total Protection Versus 1.e4

Another wonderful element of the Caro-Kann is it features a complete, in depth protection against 1.e4. There is nothing at all that white can throw at you that isn’t covered in our repertoire. Numerous openings (these types of as the Slav, variants of the Sicilian, and many others.) believe a handful of moves to get into the repertoire.

With these classes, you may well examine hours and hours of traces without the need of looking at them in any of your game titles. Researching the Caro-Kann will get you to use your review in the extremely initial sport you see e4.


If you want to know a lot more, we have uploaded quite a few previews to our Youtube channel.


Also, test out our Caro-Kann playlist, which gives a free preview for every solitary line in the repertoire.


The Caro-Kann is a wonderful weapon that can capture your opponent off-guard really early in the video game. Due to the fact we can hold the video game largely in our court in approximately each and every variation, it’s no shock why it scores so perfectly for black at the club amount.

If you want to know more, test out our program overview and get it now in the shop.

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