Takeaways, The Best Method For Game Analysis

Final 7 days we seemed at aspect 1, highlighting the review program of Nicolas Celedon Hernandez, aka coriollis. In this write-up, Nicolas describes his five-move system for creating takeaways. The inspiration for his method came from our sport examination post and Natalia Pogonina’s video game examination publish. His strategy uses Chess.com quality capabilities.

The rest of the put up is from Nicolas. Remember to permit him know on chess.com or in the opinions down below if you like his technique (Nicolas’ Starter Analyze System).

How I Assess my Games

I will use my most recent game as an illustration of how to use some of this site’s features. The recreation was not incredibly fantastic, and I’m a bit ashamed by it, but that should make it handy for research, appropriate?

As a premium characteristic, as before long as a match finishes a eco-friendly button that says Video game Report appears. When you simply click it a new window will open up and the website’s motor will examine the sport for you. The inexperienced bar on the remaining will indicate this analysis’s development, and you will be proven a display like the following:

Chess.com Game Report
Chess.com Recreation Report

Perhaps the hues and the place (or other tiny points) may well be various, but the crucial aspects will be the exact same. In this section, we will do our operate.

Action 1: Times (initially critique)

  1. As quickly as attainable soon after the sport, go to the Important Times section, or the Moments tab (they’ll just take you to the very same display). In that part, you are going to be shown
    1. Your last e-book move (the very last well-liked move, or the past go right after which you remaining opening concept)
    2. Your brilliant moves (no 1 receives all those way too frequently, really do not fear)
    3. Vital moments (times in which you had only a single fantastic or significant shift and you manufactured it, or moves in which your opponent made a slip-up and you took edge of it)
    4. Inaccuracies (weak moves)
    5. Your issues
    6. Your blunders (your pretty poor errors)
  2. Retry your problems and blunders. Believe a bit just before relocating, test to figure out why each transfer was bad, and locate a superior one. If you simply cannot come across it just after a few of tries, or you just can’t figure out why yours is undesirable, really do not fret and transfer on to the future a person for now.
Final Ebook Shift Display

Move 2: Produce down your ideas

  1. Go to the Assessment tab. You’ll see your video game penned down, and some moves will be coloured relying on how bad they were (good moves do not get distinctive shades). Go by way of the recreation shift by move, and seem at how the personal computer gives just about every go a description (e book, finest, great, fantastic, blunder, blunder). Putting unique focus on your final guide go, on your faults and blunders, and times you don’t forget remaining puzzled about what to do, ideal-click on vital moves and click on Comment soon after, and compose down what have been you thinking when you manufactured that move.
Crafting Feelings on Important Moves

Phase 3: Overview your issues in depth

  1. Focus on your negative moves. Why have been they lousy? You could know presently why some of them have been mistakes from the moments review. For those, using the exact method generate down briefly why have been they undesirable, and in the board enter the way your opponent could’ve punished your error (if he did not in the match). A variation will appear next to the move in concern, and you can insert feedback there way too. If you’re not sure why a transfer is a miscalculation, check out in some depth the moves the engine suggests, and consider to discover out why it is stating all those are the leading moves (you can enter your possess tips and see if the personal computer likes them or how does it refute them).
  2. Also, make absolutely sure you see how you could’ve punished your opponent’s errors and make variants and notes for those as perfectly.
  3. When you’re performed annotating, go by the match yet again, and try to bear in mind the tips in each and every annotated posture.
  4. If you genuinely can’t figure out why a move is great/bad, do not worry. As you review, address methods, get far more practical experience, and so forth., you are going to begin to get why some moves you beforehand imagined have been very good are in fact terrible (or the other way about).
Creating Takeaways
Reviewing Issues In-depth

Step 4: Moments (second assessment)

  1. Overview your important times once more. Following finding out your recreation meticulously, you should really be capable to obtain far better moves for every single position a lot more easily and realize the nature of your blunders.

Stage 5: Summarize Takeaways

  1. Compose in easy sentences some very good takeaways from the match, each from superior matters you did as effectively as things you have to do the job on.

And which is about it! The for a longer time the time controls, the much more energy you ought to set into analyzing your game titles, but try to do it as often as achievable.

Oh, and really do not neglect to simply click on Conserve in the investigation tab when you are done. You will want to acquire a appear at your video games later on.

Ultimate End result


This is, of training course, my ideal try. A titled player would most likely cringe when examining my investigation (or seeing my recreation, for that subject), but hey, gotta have faith in the procedure.

Takeaways Summary

  • Not the first time I permit knights to get also shut in the opening or superior pawns to get to the 7th rank and trigger hassle.
  • I authorized my thoughts to persuade me to enjoy for tips (even although it labored simply because I obtained blessed)
  • For some explanation, I stopped checking for enemy captures in transfer 7. I got distracted considering about the knight advancing.
  • I ought to stop games as before long as probable when in a crushing position. It is not wonderful to toy with my opponent.
  • Managed to swindle my opponent, even though. That is an critical talent to have. 

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