Rating Comparison Updated –

The ranking comparison page has been up-to-date with around 350 survey respondents. Listed here is the methodology for producing the comparison desk for Chess.com Bullet:

  • Use chess.com blitz ratings as the independent variable considering that most gamers have a chess.com blitz ranking
  • Only keep players who have chess.com blitz and chess.com bullet scores
  • Plot the chess.com blitz ratings (x) vs chess.com bullet scores (y) and clear away outliers
  • Produce a components that’s both linear or 2nd purchase polynomial, based on which matches the details greatest
  • On the comparison table determine the predicted chess.com bullet ranking for every single chess.com blitz ranking detailed (100 or 50 place intervals). Chess.com bullet scores rounded to the nearest 5 factors.

The course of action was then recurring for Chess.com Quick, Chess.com Daily, Lichess Bullet, Lichess Blitz, USCF Frequent, and FIDE Conventional. Here’s an illustration correlation plot amongst chess.com blitz and USCF Regular. It’s not the most effective comparison simply because there is quite a bit significantly less data for the around-the-board ratings (USCF and FIDE), but it is possibly one of the far more intriguing comparisons.

USCF Frequent Scores vs Chess.com Blitz Ratings

The black line is an id line wherever the two ratings are equal. The blue line is a 2nd get polynomial regression line that tries to match the facts. There are not lots of players below 1200 chess.com with USCF ratings in the study knowledge, so people couple of details have been eliminated.The details shows that chess.com blitz ratings are quite shut to USCF, or maybe have a tendency to be marginally better. Go to the ranking comparison web site for a lot more information.

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