PrestaJay’s Amazing Results – 142 Points In 12 Weeks

In this Learner Sequence #12, we job interview Matt (PrestaJay) to study how he acquired 142 blitz score factors in twelve months though on the Intermediate Grownup Learner Strategy. These swift outcomes will with any luck , go on for Matt on to his following system. He is now performing on the Intermediate Fast & Classical Strategy for the following twelve weeks as he desires to concentrate on slower time controls.

Matt’s documented his 12-7 days analyze approach right here in the community forums.


How previous are you and how long have you been actively playing chess?

  • I’m 33. All-around 2.5 several years ago I started off enjoying on a regular basis and focusing on attempting to boost, nevertheless prior to that I had normally been somewhat fascinated in the game and would from time to time play a recreation in this article and there with close friends for enjoyment.

How a lot of hours for each 7 days do you expend on chess?

  • Around 10 several hours a week on common, although it differs a lot week-to-7 days.

Chess website usernames?

What is your present talent amount or ranking?

  • On Lichess, my ratings on most time controls are in the 1700-1800 range. I do have a USCF rating of 1243, although it is provisional. I last but not least worked up the courage to go to my first OTB function at the begin of 2020, which turned out to not be really good timing for in-man or woman events!



  • Nowhere at the second, however, nevertheless I am on the lookout forward to having a non-provisional rating when activities turn out to be obtainable once again.


  • I perform principally on, and I participate in a wide range of time controls. 3+ and 15+10 are my two most prevalent. I check out to perform at least 1 video game every single day if possible, but I’ll just take days off to stay clear of burnout – notably just after a working day with various game titles (eg a event). I’ll also consider to perform a single slower time handle match for each 7 days. Very last calendar year I signed up for the Lichess 45+45 League which I would very endorse to any person wanting to enjoy extended time management online games on the internet – they operate a workforce league with a 45+45 match each and every week, and also provide a swiss event with a 30+30 video game every week, as properly as different other facet leagues. Extended time management video games can conveniently choose a number of hrs, and I have located committing to that time financial investment to be a lot far more satisfying participating in with a group of persons who have particularly joined a league for playing all those more time online games, fairly than the random participant pool on any web page.

Researching OVERVIEW

Game Analysis

  • For 15+10 or for a longer period games, I will go by means of my video games by myself later on focusing on times where I was uncertain or applied a lot of my time and evaluate other applicant moves that I had been thinking about, as very well as any errors that I manufactured. After that, I will use the Stockfish assessment on Lichess to critique my recreation and compare it to my notes. For blitz game titles, I will seem at when we left my opening repertoire, and then just use the computer system analysis and briefly review the moves that it indicates are problems.


  • I feel it is valuable to concentrate independently on methods for calculation and instinct, so I prepare the two of these independently. I test to split my methods time all over 50/50 concerning the two forms – aiming for 30-60 minutes of just about every for every 7 days. For calculation, I just use the default puzzles on, but with the intent of avoiding any guessing and investing as lengthy as needed on just about every puzzle until I am confident that I have the correct response and also have an understanding of why any option moves never operate. For intuition, I use the tactics coach on ChessTempo with the “Blitz” problem environment on the “Easy” issue. I test to clear up these puzzles as immediately as I can, ordinarily making an attempt to shift in a handful of seconds, or 30 seconds at most. My intention with these is to see lots of diverse positions and to create up my pattern recognition.


  • For openings I use the Chess Position Trainer software – it allows you create up a repertoire inside the program and then educate it working with spaced repetition. They haven’t released a new variation since 2014, and also haven’t current their website due to the fact then, which potential customers me to believe that it is no lengthier supported. Dependent on that, I’m not confident I would recommend it to everyone, as there are far more modern day options obtainable (eg Chessable or even just Flash Card Software package) that also offer spaced repetition instruction, but it has labored perfectly for my demands so far. I’m confident I commit additional time on openings than is ideal for improvement. 1 drive is the 45+45 League I outlined previously – in that league, you obtain out your opponent up to a 7 days in advance, which then allows me to do certain preparation for my opponent making use of OpeningTree. As well as learning strains that my opponent is possible to play into, I also attempt to use this option to master what I can about middlegame options from positions we are probably to achieve in the chosen opening, which I believe is really crucial when understanding openings. This data is more durable to come across, but I will consider to possibly lookup YouTube for any lectures on the opening or evaluation some master online games and test to fully grasp any prevalent themes. Knowing that I am studying one thing that will help in a precise forthcoming activity would make it a large amount much more intriguing to analyze that opening in element, and trying to keep myself intrigued is a good way to make guaranteed I continue to be focused and maintain mastering!


  • My endgame study is a real combine of distinctive things, and I have not settled on the very best approach but. I will sometimes target on tactics – filtering the puzzles on Lichess to endgames, pawn endgames, rook endgames, and many others for the duration of a tactics session has been a very good way for me to learn extra endgame patterns. I am also performing by way of the book “Silman’s Complete Endgame Course” by IM Jeremy Silman, which I have discovered to be really valuable for supporting me to fully grasp endgame ideas, even though I’m almost certainly not as significantly as a result of it as I really should be relative to my ranking. I also fairly like the site Chess Endgame Trainer which makes it possible for you to engage in by means of endgame positions from an engine (or Syzygy tablebases). They have a massive array of positions, from merely mating with a King & Queen against a lone King, all the way to the oddly precise QPP v BNNPP, and have positions for both of those converting a win and keeping a draw. I use this web site soon after reviewing my game titles, if there was a winning endgame I unsuccessful to change, I will observe endgames of that variety towards the engine.


  • I have not used substantially time on method in comparison to the other products. I did browse by the guide “The Amateur’s Mind” by IM Jeremy Silman and that was a excellent introduction to imbalances and some strategic principles for me, as I was coming from a base of recognizing almost nothing strategically. Any other strategic study tends to come from striving to have an understanding of middlegame plans from the openings I’m playing, which I talked about before.


  • I do observe chess streams & video clips, but it is mainly just for enjoyment – I’m not sure that I actually understand a great deal from most of them. The two most enlightening steamers/YouTube channels I would advocate are ChessNetwork and John Bartholomew. As for variants, I am intrigued by Crazyhouse, but have not specified it much too a lot notice still as I am content with my progress improving my common chess talent and really don’t want to split my time. But when I ultimately give a variant a attempt it will most likely be that a single!

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