Learner Series #18 – Ariel T.

Learner collection #18 functions Ariel, an grownup improver and an energetic member of the munity. He finished the 12-week Premium Newbie Research Strategy and questioned me to assistance him evaluate his the latest games and style and design a new approach. He is combining some of the thoughts from the Starter Analyze Prepare and the Intermediate Rapid & Classical Strategy to in shape his private plans. Here’s the interview with Ariel!


How old are you and how extended have you been playing chess?

Hello! My identify is Ariel, I’m 24, and I started out taking part in chess in February of this 12 months. I have been savoring this activity for about 4 months now, 3 of them using the amateur research program. 

How a lot of several hours per week do you invest on chess?

I typically spend concerning 1-3 hrs for each working day learning chess, relying on my availability. I expend close to 15 hrs for each week general on chess. 

Chess web-site usernames?

My username is FiftyTzent on both equally chess.com and lichess. I’m typically on chess.com even though.

What’s your present-day ability degree or score?

I’m fairly a rookie, rated close to 900 quick on chess.com, a rating which represents my talent level very properly.

Taking part in OVERVIEW — explain in which you perform, time controls, how normally, and so forth


I engage in OTB at times with some pals whenever I get the prospect. Mainly untimed, and if timed typically 15+10. 


The bulk of my play is on the net on chess.com, typically 30+ and 15+10 speedy video games, and the occasional 5+5 game titles.

I attempt to perform a quick recreation every other day, around 3-4 video games for each 7 days. 

Finding out OVERVIEW — chat about what websites you use, how normally you commit, ideas

Game Assessment

I examine nearly all of my game titles mainly applying the Match Report attribute on chess.com, focusing on the essential moments of the video game. Not too long ago I started heading more than the game titles and striving to place the crucial times by myself, attempting various choices and viewing how the motor responds. 

I consider for improved final results a single should really first assess the match without having employing engines to spot the faults, and then see regardless of whether the presumptions are suitable and what are the finest moves. 


I use chess.com puzzles a ton, seeking to get in between 5-20 puzzles each and every day, and I definitely get pleasure from climbing the rankings there. Not too long ago I settled all around 1500 in puzzle score. For the duration of my research strategy, I go through the book “Bobby Fischer Teaches Chess” (in 3 days, I was totally immersed), which is highly suggested for inexperienced persons like me. I intend to stick to the guide “Winning Chess Tactics” by Yasser Seirawan going forward. 


My opening study was the minimum orderly aspect of my analyze. I was very all about the place with lots of methods and options to master, but finally I settled on some opening systems – the London Technique and the King’s Indian setup, next GothamChess and Seirawan’s recommendations in their respective platforms (YouTube videos and the “Winning Chess Openings” guide). 

My opening review is a mixture of seeing YouTube video clips on the openings and their concepts, following chess.com lessons on all those openings (Discover the King’s Indian, London Program for the Hectic Chess Participant, Pirc Defense for Black among others) and occasionally reading textbooks. I know I invested way as well substantially time on openings relative to my talent level…


For endgame observe, I use Silman’s Total Endgame Class and the Endgames Trainer in chess.com (this web page is awesome). I generally follow the beginner endgames – hefty piece vs lone king, king & pawn simple endgames, and so forth. I usually invested all over an hour for each 7 days on endgames. 


I definitely like the Classes in chess.com, they are incredibly complete and include things like lots of beneficial data in an uncomplicated and presentable way. I try to go via as a lot of lessons as doable. 

OTHER Helpful TIDBITS — Do you observe streams/video clips, participate in variants, any exceptional issues you do that some others can master from?

I view tons of YouTube chess videos, largely about opening technique and programs in specified openings. I enjoy seeing films GothamChess (IM Levy Rozman) and GingerGM (GM Simon Williams), their explanations are quite extensive and insightful, and pretty pleasurable to look at.

I also sometimes look at GothamChess streams just for entertaining, most of the educational content material is in his films relatively than his streams. GM Hikaru Nakamura is also a good streamer, and some of his videos are truly instructive and effortless to realize. 

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