Learner Series #1 –

The Learner Sequence will spotlight players that have made substantial score progress around the past number of decades. The first guest in the collection, Jesse, is a fantastic close friend of mine and absolutely a student of the video game. He has acquired about 250 details in his chess.com blitz in the final 12 months, which is no compact feat! If you have issues for Jesse, you should depart them in the responses!


How old are you and how long have you been playing chess?

I’m 30 and I’ve been actively playing chess for 5 yrs.  I literally didn’t know how the pieces moved right before that.

How lots of hours per 7 days do you commit on chess?

On most ordinary months I will participate in anyplace from 3-5 several hours.  If I’m learning a new opening, I will dedicate about 10 hrs for a few of months to get it down. If I’m doing a techniques ebook I’ll devote 2-3 hours per week producing my way by means of it.  If I want to target on endgames I’ll participate in by some uncomplicated endgame for a few of hours a 7 days. There are lots of months that I do no intentional chess review. On ordinary I would say I’m doing “chess stuff” for about 5 several hours for each 7 days.  I’m accomplishing some form of deliberate chess examine for roughly 1 week for each month.

Chess web site usernames?

I’m chessebuss on chess.com and lichess.

What is your recent talent stage or rating?

I’m about 1575 blitz and immediate on chess.com, 1700 or so on lichess. My USCF score is 1341 (extra on that beneath)

Playing OVERVIEW — describe exactly where you perform, time controls, how normally, etc


I unfortunately don’t have a lot time to dedicate to genuine OTB chess.  I will perform 1 or 2 tournaments per yr with great gradual time controls.  I’ve performed 60|30, G45 or G60d5 situations in the earlier. These are hosted at a community chess club I have under no circumstances traveled for an occasion.  When my young children grow I will play more activities.


I like to perform on both equally chess.com and lichess- I don’t have a potent desire of the two.  I enjoy a couple of blitz online games for each day on typical. Commonly 3+2 or 3+. I’ll evaluate the games soon after and do an opening test on every sport. I will regular 1 slow, 15+10 video game for every 7 days, with assessment.

Finding out OVERVIEW — speak about what sites you use, how often you invest, strategies

Video game Evaluation

The two chess.com and lichess have very good a write-up-sport evaluation software.  I’ll review the recreation just after I enjoy them. A person idea I have is to determine a important instant in the activity when you know you ended up even worse or greater. Step backwards go by move and test to pinpoint the shift when the analysis improved or wherever the analysis was equal.  In tactical game titles this may perhaps be straightforward but in additional sluggish, positional game titles it can be substantially trickier!

If I am researching other players’ online games (or my individual OTB online games)I will import them into a lichess study.  I’ll commentate through them and add my personal comments just before any motor analysis. When I add the motor in I will try out out other strains I assumed have been great to see if they can be effortlessly refuted.


I like puzzle rush a lot for practices.  It aids you drill prevalent concepts and mating patterns but far more importantly- it is enjoyable!

The reserve “1001 Chess Routines for Beginners” is amazing and will aid you drill these patterns into your brain.  There are many, numerous illustrations for each vital tactical motif. Chesstempo.com has fantastic strategies as well. 

My suggestion is to blend in a dilemma established that you can do promptly and intuitively and also new techniques that you commit a couple minutes for each move.  Do your finest to see via all variants just before producing your move. Address for precision, not time.


For me, chessable is the best way to master openings.  Their spaced repetition can make it so simple to find out new openings and have them adhere.  They have a large (and increasing) catalog of opening books. Engage in by way of all variants from move 1.  The first few moves have to have to be pounded into your head so you never mess up a go buy and get into a lousy place.

My largest idea on opening review is to concentrate on breadth somewhat than depth.  Do not, for example, devote several hours studying the geller gambit if you are a rookie or intermediate player. You most likely will not see this in extra than 1 in every single 100 game titles you play.  In its place, focus on having established ups that you understand in opposition to prevalent deviations soon after 1. d4 d5. Know what you are going to enjoy towards the london process, trompowski, 2. c4, etc.  


The chess.com endgame basic drills are really good.

They will give you a lot of endgame positions and motifs to work through.  Apart from that, heading by fundamental endgame publications (this a person is absolutely free! https://www.chessable.com/class/6371/) are fantastic.  [Editor’s note: Jesse now has a post out on the 3 Best Chess Endgame Books]. I have not expended a ton of time on endgames. Most game titles at my ranking are decided with practices and middlegame engage in, not grinding out a rook endgame. The basic pawn endgames are crucial to know but really do not expend hours of time on highly developed endgame scientific tests.


I uncovered a whole lot of method and positional strategies from seeing potent players on youtube.  My preferred is John Bartholomew.

His Climbing the Score Ladder is extremely instructional. His Chess Fundamentals series is great for newer gamers.  There is a ton to study from his common playlist, but his blitz playlist is probably even much more dense with facts.  If you watch and pay back close consideration you’ll study great thoughts by way of osmosis. Honorable mentions are Chessexplained and GingerGM.

OTHER Useful TIDBITS — Do you observe streams/video clips, perform variants, any one of a kind factors you do that other individuals can find out from?

Get incredibly familiar with your favored openings and enjoy them solely for a although.  The moment you sense at ease or bored commence to branch out. You’ll understand a lot of technique from finding out new openings.  

Once in a while play games with the purpose to gambit a pawn or even a piece.  Attempt to maintain on!

At the reduce degrees, in no way resign.  Usually glance to complicate the activity, make items unclear and press on the clock.  Hanging on in a shed position is a ton of exciting as soon as you discover to really like it! You will learn a great deal about how to defend actively and tactically. It will improve your match considerably.  Even if you’re down two rooks- appear for stalemates!

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