Improve Quickly with Yusupov’s 9 Book Chess Training Program


Grandmaster Artur Yusupov was rated as large as 3rd in the entire world driving only Garry Kasparov and Anatoly Karpov. In the early 2000’s, Yusupov paired up with his coach Mark Dvoretsky to kind the Dvoretsky-Yusupov instruction college. As a chess coach, Yusupov was not happey with the guides readily available for amateur gamers and he determined to build his individual teaching software.

Training System

In Russia, systematic schooling plans ended up well-liked for other athletics dependent on the level of the athletes. Yusupov formatted his new system to consider close to a few years to total. The system has 3 concentrations with 3 guides at each individual level. Every single of these 9 stages was later set into his textbooks which have 24 chapters. The chapters each and every start off with a training module and then a check to affirm you comprehend the product. At the close of every single e-book there is a closing take a look at. The system is intended to be utilised as a substitute for a chess mentor, but not as an equal alternative for a coach.

Stage 1 – The Fundamentals

The 1st sequence is intended for gamers rated beneath 1500 FIDE Elo. The initially level focuses principally on the basics of tactical motifs, strategic principles and endgames. There are a number of chapters on opening principles and mating patterns. We advocate this to start with amount for intermediate players in the intermediate research approach.

Stage 2 – Over and above the Basic principles

Level 2 – Outside of the Basics is made for players underneath FIDE Elo 1800. This aligns nicely with the subsequent amount and is suggested in the intermediate 2 analyze strategy. The next degree commences to target more on positional and strategic, getting an equal harmony concerning practices and technique chapters.

Amount 3 – Mastery

The 3rd and final level is designed for gamers underneath 2100 FIDE Elo, and is advisable to players in the highly developed research guide. The greater part of the stage 3 guides emphasis on strategic play and calculation. Additional emphasis is on endgames and opening repertoires, with fewer coverage on tactical motifs. Pawn enjoy and calculation procedures get a good deal of coverage at this level.

Upcoming Ways

For players rated beneath 1100, is the one-stop-shop greatest resource for improvment. lessons are the most effective position to get began with learning system and will prepare you for the Yusupov series. Players rated in excess of 1100 need to decide on the proper Yusupov amount and check out to get the job done by means of about a single degree for every yr.

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