Good vs Bad Bishops

good vs bad bishops

Probably the most misunderstood items in chess is the bishop. You typically will hear that bishops are higher than knights. You typically will hear that knights are higher than bishops. Some individuals won’t ever commerce their bishops as a result of they suppose they’re actually good items.

The reality is the chess recreation itself will inform you whether or not a bishop is an effective bishop or a foul bishop. If a chess recreation is open then bishops will reign supreme. If the sport is closed, then bishops not are as beneficial. Additionally in case your bishop can solely assault your individual pawns and none of your opponent’s, then it’s a foul bishop. You prefer to a bishop in both an open recreation or in a recreation the place it might assault all your opponents items as a substitute of being blocked in and might solely assault its personal items.

Watch the video beneath to see extra detailed explanations of fine and dangerous bishops.

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