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chess rook

Rooks are some of the highly effective items in chess. Rooks are price 5 pawns or 5 factors, relying on what you might be studying.

The principle factor that you must learn about rooks is that they work finest on open recordsdata, that means that vertically and horizontally if there are not any items in the way in which, the rooks honest significantly better. The rooks are solely pretty much as good because the variety of squares they’ll cowl or the items that they’ll assist.

One of many frequent errors folks make just isn’t activating their rooks. Whenever you develop your items it’s best to goal to maneuver all of your items in direction of the middle, and after you’ve got castled for king security, make it possible for your rooks are at all times on open recordsdata. In case you lose one in every of your pawns, ensure you put a rook on that file. If chess gamers used their rooks extra effectively they’d change into significantly better gamers immediately.

Watch the video beneath to look at an in depth rationalization of rooks.

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