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chess queen

Queens are probably the most highly effective piece in chess. They’re price 9 factors and might transfer diagonally or horizontally so far as they will journey with out hopping over items. A queen strikes the identical as a bishop and a rook mixed which makes your most vital piece.

One of many greatest errors novices make with their queens is bringing them into the sport too early. They assume that as a result of they’re probably the most highly effective, they need to get them concerned within the battle early on. This sounds good, however in principle it doesn’t work out. Gamers that deliver out their queens out early normally find yourself dropping plenty of time in growth. Your opponent can focus his time creating his items in the direction of the middle if you are worrying about your queen security.

To start with of a sport, the queen by itself infrequently does a lot harm. Combined with the bishops, knights and rooks nevertheless, the queen does plenty of harm. If you develop your queen early on, be sure that it’s supporting as many items as potential. That means when any of your items begin an assault your queen can be there supporting the assault, however received’t be at risk.

Watch the video beneath to look at an in depth video of queens.

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