The 50 Move Rule in Chess

While there are many different strategies that chess players use to improve their game, this is the strategy I recommend to anyone who wants to become a better player.   You might have heard the name of the 50-move rule in chess but you are not sure whether it is a fact or not. Well, let … Read more

How Does The Pawn Move In Chess?

You can think of the pawn as your most vulnerable piece. It moves one square at a time and can be easily captured. A pawn is a piece that moves one square forward on the board. In chess, the pawn is the weakest piece, so it’s easy to see why this is the case. Pawns … Read more

How Does Queen Move In Chess?

When you watch Queen move in chess, you can see her every move as she plans out her next move. This is because she has a strategy and a plan. The queen is the most powerful piece in chess. It can capture enemy pieces and attack them from several directions at once. It’s the most … Read more

How Does Knight Move In Chess?

Knight moves are a vital part of chess strategy. They enable you to capture your opponent’s pieces and force them to make moves they otherwise wouldn’t. If you want to learn more about chess, you need to understand the knight’s move. This is a critical strategy that has been overlooked by many chess players. Do … Read more

Which Chess Piece Can Only Move Diagonally?

A chess piece can only move diagonally when it has a straight path to its destination. You know that a rook is the most powerful piece in chess. It has eight pawns at its disposal, making it the most versatile of all the pieces. But, there are just two ways it can move. Game of … Read more

How Does King Moves in Chess?

When it comes to the game of chess, you can’t afford to be passive—you have to move aggressively or risk being crushed by the other player. King moves are one of the most important parts of chess, but they’re also very difficult to get right. In this video, I’ll share my tips and tricks for … Read more

How to Move Chess Pieces?

The game of chess has been around since antiquity. It’s also one of the most complex games in the world. With a little bit of practice, anyone can learn to play chess, but it takes a special kind of skill to know how to move the pieces so they can help you win the game. … Read more

How The Chess Pieces Move?

The world of chess can seem complicated at first, but if you can learn to read the board and understand the basic rules, you’ll be well on your way to winning. How does one become a master of strategy? By looking at it from a different perspective. This is what I have learned. When you … Read more