Bishop Sacrifice

Bishop Sacrifice

It is very important know when to sacrifice a bishop on h7 and when it’s not.

Most gamers are all the time in search of loopy sacrifices that don’t work and find yourself placing themselves down a lot of materials and never a lot else to indicate for his or her efforts.

While you need to sacrifice your bishop on h7 there are some things that you just want in place for it to work.

  1. Want gentle sq. bishop on the b1-h7 diagonal
  2. Want knight on f3
  3. Want Queen that may leap to h5
  4. Want bishop alongside the c1-h6 diagonal (normally seen on c1)
  5. Want pawn on e5

Just be sure you have these items or this sacrifice is doomed from the start.

Watch the video beneath for an in depth clarification together with a number of examples.

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