Attacking the F7 Square

Attacking the F7 Square

The f7 sq. is extensively thought-about the weakest level on the board for black. It’s the solely sq. that’s not defended by any of the minor or main items and it’s a pivotal sq. that protects the black king. Because of this, many traps are shaped to assault this sq. and why black ought to all the time be searching for any assaults on the sq..

Needless to say your center sport technique may change relying on the opening. In case your opponent places pawns on d5 and e6 then you’ll not have a transparent path on the f7 sq. along with your bishop such as you would if those self same pawns had been on d6 and e5.

It’s best to be aware that these gamers that begin with e4 will often get to assault the f7 sq. rather more than these gamers that begin with d4. This shall be lined within the video.

Watch the video under for an in depth rationalization together with a number of examples.

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