Analyzing a Game Vs My 5 Year Old Chess Prodigy Son

A single excellent source of joy as a father is training my 5 calendar year previous how to enjoy chess. We acquired into the behavior of enjoying each individual day for 30 minutes or so during the summer time but have fallen out of that as of late. Nevertheless, we uncover time to participate in a video game or two for every week.

Yesterday we experienced time to perform a few games. I wrote down the moves and some observations he made. Let us go over them jointly.

Match 1

Let’s commence in the opening. My son does a really very good job in the opening. He frequently watches ChessKid video clips on YouTube. 1 of his favorites is their two aspect sequence on the opening. He continuously gets his items out to active squares, fights for the middle with his pawns castles to security.

In activity 1, father (me) is taking part in white, and my 5 yr old has the black parts.


  1. d4 d5
  2. Nf3 Nf6
  3. g3 Nc6
  4. Bg2 Be6
  5. O-O Bf5
  6. c4 e6
  7. Nc3 Bd6
  8. b3 O-O

This lands us in the adhering to placement:

I give my son a sound B in the opening. His only misstep was moving the bishop two times, participating in Be6 then Bf5 the subsequent go. That becoming reported, the bishop is considerably improved on f5. Kudos, kiddo, for receiving the LSB to the correct square. On e6 the bishop has no scope and is blocking the e-pawn from combating for the centre.

Other than the bishop hiccup (biccup?!), black’s situation looks fairly good, and I am a proud dad. All of black’s insignificant items are out, his pawns are contesting the middle and his king is castled and harmless.

With all that claimed, white is even now superior. White has far more energetic pieces, harmonious growth and can gain the bishop pair at a moment’s observe with Nh4. Black’s c6 knight is also a bit awkwardly put, as c5 (some day) would be a desirable pawn split.


This is exactly where it receives a little bit unappealing for my minor prodigy. He straight away blunders a bishop after…

9. Bb2 Rc8
10. Nh4 Qe6

Below, black missed a number of things. First, his bishop is trapped just after c5. Next, Nxf5 doubles the f-pawns and, in switch, hangs the d5 pawn. Following the go 9…Rc8, my son observed that no parts had been traded yet! I did not want to acquire a piece super rapidly, so I as a substitute took a less formidable path ahead.

11.Nxf5 exf5
12. Rc1 Rfd8
13. Bh3

Immediately after I won the bishop, my son mentioned “You won the trade a bit simply because a bishop is a little far better than a knight.” Wise phrase from my minor 35 pounder. Attacking black’s weak pawn. In this article I did give my son a hint. His to start with reaction was to enjoy the shift g6 to defend the pawn but “I didn’t want to weaken my king.”

He experienced the suitable concept, so I gave him a tiny pointer in this article and helped him defend his pawn with no g6. The match continued.

13… Qd7
14. Qc2 (attacking the pawn yet again) Ne7
15. cxd5 g3
16. e5

I performed e5 listed here typically to see if my so would place the pin. Incredibly, he did! Devoid of prompting he reported “I’m not heading to move this (f5) pawn mainly because you will choose my queen.” I was truthfully stunned that he picked up on this motif.

A massive weak point of my five calendar year old, and commencing gamers in normal, is to minimize rigidity as before long as possible. A large section of this weak point is senseless captures. In this actual place, I anticipated my son to immediate engage in fxe4 and me offering a gracious choose again. Instead he played Nxe4.

16… Nxe4
17. Nxe4 b5

Just after I played Nxe4, my son once again confirmed discipline in not recapturing the pieceIn this placement, I obtained to enjoy the incredibly satisfying Nf6+. If the fork was not probable, b5 is a rather good shift, grabbing some queenside space and releasing up room to activate his cramped items.

After Nf6+, successful the queen, my son claimed “well if I have to conserve 1 piece I have to save the king.” Intelligent phrases, grasshopper. I’ll help save you the relaxation of the moves, but Dad went on to win the recreation. You can assess the sport on right here.

What I’m most impressed by in this activity by my son was not the moves he played but fairly his sportsmanship. He was never upset when I gained a night time for absolutely free, won his queen or received the recreation. He was having entertaining, and just satisfied to shell out time with me.

Chess is a great activity to perform with children. It develops critical imagining expertise, trouble resolving as effectively as persistence, concentrate, and sportsmanship. There actually is absolutely nothing like it.


One particular of my life’s finest joys is taking part in chess with my sons. My 5 12 months outdated can perform a real video game of chess, my 2.5 year aged can is aware the names of all the pieces.

I only at any time participate in chess with a physical board and pieces with my kids. I assume it helps make the sport much more “real” and it also lowers display time. Having a little one to aim on a single point (that isn’t a movie) for additional than 5 minutes is a superpower, and chess does that for our loved ones. I love the friendly competitiveness and quality time that chess enables.

If you’re wanting to increase with your child, check out out totally free amateur study plan.

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