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To develop into a chess grandmaster you need to have a few norms and a FIDE ranking about 2500, but how just do you get a norm? In shorter, a norm is a fantastic event effectiveness performed towards quite solid opposition. Let’s split down every single piece of the norm puzzle.

Performance Rating

To get score a GM norm in a chess event you must first have a overall performance rating for the match of 2600 (technically 2599.5, rounded up to 2600). If you engage in a event and deal with all opponents rated 2600, you would have to have to score 4.5/9 to have a effectiveness ranking of 2600.

The superior your opposition, the fewer event factors you need to score. The FIDE handbook provides a quick manual for how quite a few details you need to have to rating as opposed to distinctive average opposition in buy to get a 2600 performance score.

Chess Grandmaster Norm Performance Table

In the table previously mentioned, if you play a 9 spherical tournament versus gamers rated, on typical, 2460 you will will need 6.5 factors (4 wins and 5 attracts, for illustration) to acquire a GM norm. If you enjoy an ordinary opponent of 2680 or higher, you would need just 3.5 points (7 draws and 2 losses, for case in point).

In a spherical robin norm match you can perform backwards to see how several match details you have to have in buy to get a norm. Calculate the average score of every opponent you will encounter in a event and use the earlier mentioned desk to see how several details you need in buy to get a norm.

In open up tournaments the functionality ranking calculation is more tough. Your average opponent score will swing significantly from round to spherical. Attempt this free of charge (and very yellow) functionality calculator to see your overall performance for a tournament.


In addition to a 2600 general performance ranking you ought to also play in opposition to a certain set of players. Just one 3rd of your opponents throughout a event must keep the title of Grandmaster, and one half of your opponents have to be titled.


You also need to have to enjoy towards players from federations other than your individual. You need to enjoy two grandmasters from separate federations, that do not belong to your very own federation. For instance, if you are from the US, you ought to play two grandmasters from individual federations. You can’t engage in a few grandmasters from the identical federation to be suitable for a norm.

For a standard 9-spherical tournament you can only perform six (6) gamers from a one federation. In the same 9-spherical event, you can perform a most of five (5) players from your have federation.


There are a just a pair of “gotchas” when it comes to opponent score. The 1st is that you are are allowed to raise 1 opponent’s rating to a ground of 2200. Frequently in substantial open up tournaments really solid gamers will get paired down substantially in early rounds.

Obtaining paired in opposition to a player rated 1800 can make it difficult to fulfill norm demands as it drags your regular opposition ranking down. To make up for this you can depend one particular opponent as a 2200 regardless of their score. Take note that this can only be finished for one particular video game.

Your regular opponent score will have to also exceed 2380. If your average opponent ranking is below 2380 you are not eligible for a norm, even if you meet up with all other requirements.

Match Size

A norm match will have to be at minimum 9 video games in full. It can be beneficial to enjoy ten game tournaments to give you an added likelihood at a norm, because of to two minimal policies.

First, you can fall a acquire in the 1st round from your performance if it gains your total functionality ranking. For illustration, if you win in spherical a person versus a 2245-rated opponent, and acquire spherical 10 compared to a 2548-rated player, you can get the nine-game effectiveness from rounds 2-10 as your general performance score.

This rule also will work the opposite way. If you meet the norm requirements in rounds 1-9 of a 10 round event then you get a norm no matter of your round 10 outcome. This implies you can drop your round 10 sport entirely in order to safe a norm.


There are a few elements that enjoy in to scoring a GM norm. To start with, you need to have a overall performance score of at minimum 2600. Next, you ought to participate in a assorted set of opponents to fulfill FIDE necessities. Third, the tournaments that are qualified for a GM norm wants to be nine or additional rounds.

Intrigued in turning out to be a grandmaster? See our score comparison web page to see how near you are to 2600 FIDE.

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